Breakfast MBA

Increasing profitability of a bakery through Association Rule Learning Skills: R, Association Rule Learning, Market Basket Analysis

Pet Adoption Time

Predicting pet adoption time using a decision tree ensemble model Skills: Python, Supervised Ensemble Learning, XGBoost, Decision Trees, χ2 Analysis, EDA

NLP & Sentiment Analysis

Predicting polarity of user reviews through text mining of IMDB reviews without NLTK's SentimentAnalyzer library Skills: Python, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining

Predicting House Prices in Ames, Iowa

An XGBoost ensemble model predicting house prices of the Boston real estate market Skills: Python, Imputation, Regression, Feature Engineering, XGBoost, Ensemble Models

Titanic Survival Prediction

Predicting survival of passengers aboard the Titanic using binary classification machine learning Skills: Python, EDA, Feature Engineering, Imputation, Classification, Neural Networks