What I Bring to the Table

Machine Learning

Advanced statistical models in Python and R

Statistical Inferences

Deduction of underlying probability distributions

Creative Problem-Solving

Merging scientific methods & divergent thinking

Data Visualization

Mastery of ggplot2, matplotlib, and Tableau

Text Mining

Sentiment analysis of complex customer data

Advanced SQL Querying

End-to-end pipelines for easy data analysis

Featured Projects

Here are a few select projects I’ve completed. The projects link to rendered forms of the Jupyter notebooks via Jupyter Notebook. The code can also be found on my github

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Breakfast MBA

Increasing profitability of a bakery through Association Rule Learning

Skills: R, Association Rule Learning, Market Basket Analysis

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Pet Adoption Time

Predicting pet adoption time using a decision tree ensemble model

Skills: Python, Supervised Ensemble Learning, XGBoost, Decision Trees, χ2 Analysis, EDA

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NLP & Sentiment Analysis

Predicting polarity of user reviews through text mining of IMDB reviews without NLTK’s SentimentAnalyzer library

Skills: Python, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining

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Predicting House Prices in Ames, Iowa

An XGBoost ensemble model predicting house prices of the Boston real estate market

Skills: Python, Imputation, Regression, Feature Engineering, XGBoost, Ensemble Models

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Titanic Survival Prediction

Predicting survival of passengers aboard the Titanic using binary classification machine learning

Skills: Python, EDA, Feature Engineering, Imputation, Classification, Neural Networks

Recent Publications

Gene expression variability in the human population is likely to be important in tissue development and identity, methylation, and in natural biological aging. The expression variability of a gene is an important functional characteristic of the gene itself and the classification of a gene as one with Hyper-Variability or Hypo-Variability in a human population or in a specific tissue should be useful in the identification of important genes that functionally regulate development or disease.

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A collection of cool things I’ve worked on for my personal enjoyment   >>

An interactive infographic highlighting the UFC’s Anti-Doping Program

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An interactive choropleth visualization of my travels over the years

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Web scraping, archiving, and search retrieval of monsters scraped from DND Beyond

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Adding GIFs to a Valence (Song Positivity) Analysis of Gorillaz Discography

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Exploring the rise of the Death Metal genre

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